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Here's where to start your Leaping Librarian Job Search (Including FREE resources)

🔹Working on your job search?🔹

I've got a few resources (including one just for librarians) to make it quicker, more efficient, and less painful! Be sure to check out all the links!

👑If you're just starting out in your job search or in the midst of one but feel like you're overwhelmed and disorganized, check out my course:

👑Have an interview coming up? Do NOT go in cold without practicing. Here's my 15-page guide to help you map out your STAR stories so you can ace the interview!

👑If your cover letter just isn't doing the trick, check out mycourse:

👑 FREE Digital Download for any jobseeker: 


Q&A with me on The Librarian Linkover podcast with Lorene Kennard

Click the link that most closely aligns with what you need right now and then celebrate--you're on your way! Let's get you hired!

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