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Resume Writing

You’ve found a posting for your dream job. But ugh, writing your resume is the WORST. Even the most qualified candidates with great writing skills have a hard time writing their own resume.

Why? Because there are a ton of career coaches online who give conflicting advice and try to scare you with talk of the ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) bots who are rejecting your application for no reason at all. Call me the resume myth buster; I'm here to educate you about the modern resume and how to put your best foot forward and get noticed by the recruiter or hiring manager.


YOU ARE: A driven professional who wants to make a daring career move.


YOU NEED: A branded and targeted résumé that will make the hiring manager say, "Wow, I need to meet this person!" 

Job Interview

Cover Letters, Professional Bios, and More!

Your resume isn't the only star of the show. You need other career documents that are branded and targeted to your dream role.

  • Cover Letter: This is the absolute best place to sell your value proposition and express your excitement about the role. It's also the ideal place to address any objections about tricky situations, like employment gaps, advanced age, or  relocation.

  • E-note: Sometimes, a company will request that you do not send a cover letter. However, every email you send with a resume attached is an opportunity to give yourself an advantage in the hiring process. An e-note is the shorter version of the branded, targeted cover letter. 

  • Thank You Note: Before you ask, YES, you need to send a TY note after an interview. We all know how important first impressions are...but have you considered the last impression you leave on the hiring manager? This note/email is the best way to reiterate your interest and address any stumbling blocks from the interview itself. 

  • Professional/Speaker Bio: Whether you're applying for a board position or to speak at an event, your professional bio presents you as an expert in your field. This one-pager markets you as THE person they need to book/hire.

  • Don't see what you need? Contact me to find out if I can help with a different type of career doc.

Image by Greg Bulla

LinkedIn Profile Optimization/Content

  • Has your LinkedIn profile been collecting dust?

  • Did you make one circa 2014, not really trusting that LinkedIn would take off?

  • Do you only ever log in to LinkedIn when you're on the job hunt?

  • Is it so neglected that you may as well put a VACANT sign on it?

First of all, don't panic. I'm not judging because, well, I was you. I made my LinkedIn profile years ago because someone told me that any professional needs one. The problem is, nobody ever told me what should be on it or why it matters.

I'm here to tell you: YOUR LINKEDIN DOES MATTER. Almost any employer will check out your profile. Most recruiters will look you up on LinkedIn, and some companies recruit 100% of their candidates from LinkedIn.

I am an NCOPE (Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert), which means that I help people--just like you--learn how to use LinkedIn to its fullest advantage. Wouldn't you love to have an advantage in this competitive job market?

Phone Call

Resume/LinkedIn Review and Consult

If you have specific questions about your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile, we can get on a 60 minute call. I will advise you about any changes or additions that need to be made, and you will make those yourself. You will have the following 3 days to email me with any questions you have.

This cost-conscious, guided DIY option is great for those who are not ready for the investment of a done-for-you resume but have enough time and patience to apply suggested changes. 

Review/Consult: 60 minutes/$200


Perhaps done-for-you is not what you're looking for. If time or budget is limited, I can help! I've developed the Royal Career Academy so you can learn all I know about effective resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn optimization and networking, and so much more that will help you in your job search and career as a whole. New classes are being added frequently, so be sure to check back--it's your one-stop shop for all things job search and career!


YOU ARE: Busy and motivated to get started right now!

YOU NEED: A library of courses to help you achieve your job search and/or career goals. I've got you covered. 

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