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"Alison, this sounds great, but how much will it cost?"

Listen, I get it. A lot of people get sticker shock when they see the fee for a resume or package.

You may be wondering, can't I just do this myself? 

Sure, you absolutely can. But first, you'll need to weed through all the misinformation online to try to figure out:

  • Do I use an Objective or a Professional Summary?

  • Can my resume be more than one page?

  • How the heck do I "quantify accomplishments" when I'm not in sales?

  • Should I include every job I ever had?

  • What do employers actually WANT to know about me?

Some people will get so paralyzed by writing their resume, or trying to figure out why their resume isn't working, that they won't even get their application in before the job posting closes.

Lots of people (even amazing writers) struggle with writing their resume because:

  • It's not a natural way to write (e.g., excluding pronouns and focusing on accomplishments).

  • They're not sure of the difference between an accomplishment and a duty.

  • They hear different advice from friends/family and career coaching influencers online who all have conflicting opinions about what to put on their resume.

  • It's too exhausting to think about while already working or taking care of other life obligations.

It's important to know when to delegate and outsource the tasks that are frustrating, confusing, annoying, and boring! If you're spending too much time and energy trying to figure out the perfect formula for a resume, it may be time to get some assistance!

2023 Package Options 

Invest now to earn more in your dream job!



Every project is different, but in the interest of transparency/ballpark figures, below are the starting costs for each of the packages I offer. Your own fee may vary based on a variety of factors.


I will provide your customized quote for your situation after our free intro call.


Resume Only

  • Strategy & Work History Call (90 minutes)

  • Branded/Targeted Resume​

Starting at $ 598


Resume + Cover Letter 

  • Strategy & Work History Call (90 minutes)

  • Targeted and branded resume 

  • Cover letter targeted to positions but with space to personalize to specific companies

Starting at $ 648


Resume + Cover letter + LinkedIn

  • Strategy & Work History Call (90 minutes)

  • Targeted and branded resume 

  • Cover letter targeted to positions but with space to personalize to specific companies

  • LinkedIn content & optimization (Keyword-rich headline, About, Education, Experience, and recommendations for cover story, cover photo, and more!)

Starting at $ 898

A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Wri

Additional Services

Resume/LinkedIn Coaching

If you're not ready to invest in a package but want to give your resume or LinkedIn a tune-up, I offer review/coaching calls with targeted tips for your resume or LinkedIn profile (or tips for networking on LinkedIn). We'll meet through Zoom and walk through everything together. I will send you a list of the recommendations we discuss, and you will make the changes yourself. 3 days of unlimited email support are included in this service.

LinkedIn Profile Review/LinkedIn Coaching/Other Document Review plus email support for 3 following days

(60 minutes): $200

You may schedule additional calls or extend the time of the coaching for an additional fee. Contact me for more info!

A la carte

Contact me for pricing on a la carte or other documents, like: 

  • Professional/speaker Bio

  • Leadership/Educational Statement

  • Application Essays

...and more!

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