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What's it like to work with Alison?

The Process

1. Reach out to let me know that you're interested in talking. You may want to take a look at the package page first to get an idea of whether my services fit in your budget.

2.  I will send you 10 questions for you to fill out to be sure that a) you're ready for a resume writer--as opposed to a career coach and b) I'm the best person to help you based on your goals. 

3. We sign the contract, and you pay the invoice (in full), and schedule your strategy call.

4. Strategy Call: A 90-minute Zoom during which I get the full scoop on your career and goals so we can strategize for your branding and targeting efforts going forward.

5. I write your resume, and  you have a chance to review the draft for any inaccuracies. (Packages include up to 2 revisions, if needed.)

6. Once your resume (and other docs) is ready, I sent it to you in PDF and Word. 

7. You apply to your dream job, knowing that your custom career docs have been designed with best professional practices in mind!

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