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Here's how long your resume should actually be

The topic du jour on LinkedIn seems to be the length of a resume. Some “influencer” said it should only ever be 1 page.

The Truth:

✅ Your résumé should be as long as it needs to be to convey your experience that is RELEVANT to the target position (the job you want).

✅ If you’re a new grad or entry level, then yes,1 page is likely enough.

✅ The experience and skills that are most relevant should go on page 1, regardless. Think about how you skim something—more carefully at first and then glancing at the rest.

✅ As always, your résumé is not a career obituary. If it’s not relevant, leave it off or push it way down.

✅ Is your resume just barely over 2 pages? Make it one by adjusting line spacing, margins, and font style/size (but not too small).

As always, these are best practices—not hard rules. But if it’s not relevant to the job you are targeting, don’t give it prime real estate!

Struggling to cut down your resume? Or are you having trouble even filling a page? Either way, I can help! Email me at

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