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4 questions to ask before hiring a resume writer

Thinking of hiring a resume writer? Ask these questions before signing a contract:

1. How do you approach branding/targeting a resume?

A general resume is useless, so if they promise a resume that works for 2+ very different positions, be wary.

2. How do you strategize for difficult situations, like employment gaps, family caretaking, lay-offs, etc.?

They may not give specifics before you sign the contract but should be able to speak generally about the approach.

3. How do you gather information/work history for my resume?

Expect to be on a call/Zoom for about 60+ minutes and/or fill out a VERY long questionnaire to inform your writer about your professional history.

4. How do you stay updated on the best practices for writing résumés/career docs?

Personally, I take courses and attend webinars from professional organizations (like The National Résumé Writers'​ Association and Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches —there are others). I follow experienced, respected recruiters on LI and regularly read their posts to ensure I have an understanding (as much as possible without firsthand experience) of their work and ATS myths. If the writer stumbles on this, keep looking.

Want to work with me? Email to get started!

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