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Hi, I'm Alison.

I help jobseekers market themselves through professional resumes and career marketing documents. I work with jobseekers in all industries but have particular expertise in working with librarians and information professionals. If you're a Leaping Librarian, you're in the right place!

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It's time to level up your career. 

Find a new job faster with a resume, LinkedIn profile, career documents, and strategy that are branded and targeted to position you as the ideal candidate.

You're ready to level up in your career, but applying for jobs is a huge hassle. Don't let time constraints or the confusing job advice online keep your from landing an interview for your dream job.

Imagine having a call with a resume and career expert who will help you clarify your accomplishments and goals--and then create an resume and cover letter that will make sure your application doesn't get lost in the void! 

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